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Kaupapa Course aim
On this course. Rangatahi - Students will learn to develop “level skills” and knowledge of the biblical principles of Kingdom Living in Practice for living solutions.

Kaupapa learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course the student will be able to: 

1. Describe the principles of Biblical Kingdom Living 

2. Interpret, assess, and apply Biblical Kingdom Living principles   

3. Develop and integrate Kingdom Living solutions in personal development and vocational realm application. 

Course Two

This is sample number 2

What course should YOU be teaching? 

Here we have Course 3 of our test set up. 

This is to help give an idea of what we can do with the program. 

The B O L D with a cross in the middle and two hearts with intertwining features which create fish - for the fishers of men!

You can even put in some images with the course information as you go along. This is one course that may be taught in the future.